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How to place an order on the Mambrózia Manufaktúra page?
The order is in the webshop in all cases, but in advance and during the preparation we 
agree by e-mail, phone or facebook messenger. You can change your order by submitting your samples. We will send a confirmation of
the order by e-mail and send a status message for each change (payment, jewelry will be made). What kind of jewelry can you buy? We also make DNA memories and DNA-free memories. We also make all of our jewelry in a
DNA-free form if you like a pattern or style or want a unique piece of jewelry. When can I send my samples (breast milk, hair, etc.)? After ordering from the webshop, you will receive a confirmation describing our mailing
advice and you can send a sample now! When do you cancel my order? I will not finalize the order after two months, we will cancel the order. You will receive
several reminders before that. In what form can my samples be sent (breast milk, hair, etc.)? Please send breast milk in thawed form, in a tightly closed plastic bottle, in a lined box,
by courier service.

Is it possible for you to send the courier?
Yes, for a fee. For mailing methods, you can select.
How much breast milk should I send?
We usually ask for 50 ml of breast milk per piece of jewelry, but knowing the design of 
your piece of jewelry can give you more information if you have less. How much hair should I send? On average, we tend to ask for a match of hair as long as possible, but knowing the design
of your jewelry can give you more information if you have less. When will my jewelry be made? The jewelry is made in 6-8 weeks. DNA jewelry takes an average of 12-16 weeks, but some of
our jewelry will be made sooner. Contact us! Is there a closed queue? There is no closed queue, we are constantly fulfilling your orders. Doesn't breast milk spoil during mailing? It does not spoil, both frozen-thawed and freshly skimmed breast milk is perfect for jewelry
How do you work with breast milk?
We work with the most modern procedure in Hungary. Breast milk is not pulverized but preserved 
in a liquid state. Every breast milk is different, so we have several recipes for processing
breast milk depending on what properties it has. 2 weeks is the canning time after arrival.
The breast milk is sealed in synthetic resin. Doesn't my jewelry turn yellow / brown? We made more than 1,000 pieces of jewelry in 4 years, there was no example of irreparable
jewelry coming out of our hands. In the first year, there was an example of having to make
jewelry again, but no more. The jewelry can turn up to 2 shades of yellow, but this is barely
visible to the eye. How do you work with hair? The hair is cleaned and placed in the synthetic resin. There should be no balm residue or hair
styling on it. We are professionals in hair drawing :) Do you guarantee the jewelry? Yes, supplies for breastfeeding parts and within the limits specified in the ASZF. What is special about Mambrózia? We work almost inexhaustibly with repositories, making maximally unique jewelry with a
relatively fast deadline. Precision is the most important thing when making our jewelry. We have the most modern laboratory in Hungary, and our conservation procedure is perfect.
Can I order from abroad?
Yes! In this case, there is an additional postage cost, the amount of which you can see 
at the time of your order and postage information. How can I pay? By bank transfer or credit card payment. After confirmation and final negotiation, you can
pay upon arrival of the fee request. Is there a down payment? How It Works? Yes, there is an installment payment option. You can pay in 2-3-6-9-12 monthly installments,
your samples must be submitted at the same time as the first installment is paid.
When we receive the full amount, we will start making your jewelry. In case of cancellation,
the deposit paid until then will not be refunded. I'm planning to make my jewelry! Can I book an appointment in advance to make sure I have a place? Yes, of course! You can do it here. To book the date you need a HUF 5,000 deposit, send
your sample now to be preserved. How do I Measure My Ring Size? In any case, please give us the size measured by the goldsmith. With a homemade yardstick,
it’s not always accurate, you might take the wrong size. How do I Measure My Bracelet Size? It is possible in two ways: 1. an existing piece of jewelry should be weighed at the points where it is usually connected.
Indicate if you measured this way.
2. Measure tightly the wrist you are counting on when making the bracelet for comfort. Indicate if you measured this way. How long does it take for my jewelry to be finished? The Famous Treasure jewelry is made in 6-8 weeks. DNA jewelry takes an average of 12-16 weeks,
but some of our jewelry will be made sooner. Contact us!

How can I wear my jewelry?
Our jewelry is of high quality, but in order to preserve our beauty for decades, they must 
be spared, so they are not recommended for non-stop wear. You can read more about our treatment
in the user guide. My jewelry is damaged! What should I do? If something has happened to your jewelry as a result of improper use, return it to us at your
own expense and we will renew it at an additional cost. Contact us. I would like to ask. Where can I reach you? Here you will find our contact details Can you make jewelry from frozen or fresh breast milk? Both are excellent for jewelry making, but thaw the frozen breast milk gradually
(not in a microwave or on a fire by heating) just before mailing and store it in a cool place. Can you engrave on jewelry? We have jewelry we can engrave into. Ask us about the options! I want a unique piece of jewelry. Are you making it for me? Yes, most ideas can be implemented, contact us! I donate the jewelry as a gift. What should I watch for? If you know what the giver wants, feel free to place your order. If not, we wholeheartedly
recommend our gift certificate, which we send out either by mail or electronically so that
the gifted can design it! Huge experience for them! Do you have a gift certificate? Yes, we will exhibit in any denomination! We will send it by post or electronically.
Here you will find:

Can I return the finished jewelry?
Individual jewelry is subject to different rules, so custom jewelry does not have a right of 
withdrawal, or only in special cases. What materials do you use? We work with the highest quality materials so that your jewelry can be made in the highest quality. With synthetic resin, steel, precious metal, which are goldsmith works, genuine leather,
premium cords. In many cases we work with masters (goldsmith, leatherworker, steelworker). Can the prices seen in the webshop change during the order? If there is a special need, it is difficult to make your jewelry, the price may change, but
until the price is accepted, your jewelry order is not final, you can cancel it. In case of
submitted breast milk, cancellation can only apply to the jewelry plan, not to the order,
we will charge a breast milk conservation fee. We always start making jewelry after a closed and accepted quote, after that the fee can no
longer change unless you have to mail abroad unexpectedly or choose another piece of
jewelry at an additional cost. What determines if there is any charge other than the price of the jewelry? If there is a special need, it is complicated to make your jewelry, the price may change:
for example, a unique breast milk pattern, a drawing made of intricate hair, intricate jewelry,
making precious metal jewelry. We always start making jewelry after a closed and accepted price
offer, after that the fee can no longer change unless we have to send mail abroad unexpectedly
or choose other jewelry parts at an additional cost. How much does postage cost? Within Hungary, the delivery of finished jewelry is free with the GLS courier service. Is my jewelry made of safe materials? Yes, as long as you follow the instructions for use. The jewelry should not be given to a child without supervision.
How can I keep track of where the making process is going?
For orders placed on the webshop, we will send you an e-mail informing you of any status changes.

How can I order?
You can find the menu above, where you can browse the jewelry, write to us and send a direct 
link to the order, or click here to access the webshop I still have a question, where can I ask? You can also ask about the products, feel free to contact us by email (rendeles @ emlekekszer .hu), messenger message!