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Yid - Steel silver-colored do-it-yourself sphere pendant - assemble your own keepsake jewelry easily and safely

Would you like to preserve an important memory?

You can make it yourself

Crushed breast milk? The first strand of hair cut? A lock of your love's hair? Small flowers?
Not an obstacle!

A simple, yet beautiful pearl pendant that you can make yourself.
We give the pendants a free steel link chain as a gift.

We include everything that is needed to make jewelry.

By buying several pieces at once, you can keep more memories at a discount or make a pendant for all the female members of the family
and you can even save on postage.

This is jewelry you can make it is completely resin-free, so it is safe.
It is easy to make, so it can be an excellent activity even with your older children.
You can make it quickly, even in a few minutes.
Because of its clean beauty, you can even give it as a gift.

Dimensions of the pendant:
10 mm sphere
18 mm including pendant holder

Hypoallergenic, the jewelry parts are made of stainless steel
The sphere is made of special glass made

You don't have to wait weeks for this piece of jewelry!
We mail on the second working day of every week!

If you order 4 pieces, we give you the mail as a gift!

Orders received by 8:00 a.m. on Friday will be mailed on Tuesday of the following week!
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