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Just Tiny - Tiny mother's milk or baby hair pearl bracelet
Just Tiny - Tiny mother's milk or baby hair pearl bracelet
76 400 Ft

Just Tiny - Tiny mother's milk or baby hair pearl bracelet

This tiny breast milk bracelet is perfect for the mother!

It features 6mm pearls, which means it's small enough to be discreet but stylish enough to flaunt with pride.

It is made with premium quality thread and steel or mineral beads, and you can even choose decorative beads, such as your little girl's birthstone.

In addition, you can make one or more mother's milk pearls by stringing 1-4 pearls on the bracelet.

Get it for yourself or as a gift for a special mother.

76 400 Ft
  • Beads size: 6 mm
  • Preparation time: approx. 8 weeks
  • Can be made from one or more breast milk.
  • 1-4 pearls can be strung on the bracelet.


  • Small pearl bracelet with premium thread, steel or mineral pearls.
  • Decorative pearls can be chosen depending on current stock.
  • Birthstone or engraved a small steel plate can be added.
  • Bracelet with sliding knot, adjustable size.


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We make our jewelry with glass-like, jewelry-quality, VOC- and BPA-free, UV-resistant synthetic resin.

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