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CHI-CHI - gold filled ring - not adjustable
CHI-CHI - gold filled ring - not adjustable
146 900 Ft

CHI-CHI - gold filled ring - not adjustable

Every drop of gold, our fortune.
You and me, the two of us, we're going to hide.
Its sweet taste makes me nauseous, takes you on a long journey,
You float in my embrace until the sun shines.

Amazing gold filled ring.
Stuffed gold jewelry is made with unconventional gilding.
The metal surface of the base is thickly filled with a real gold layer.
The rolled gold plate is integrated with the carrying metal at extremely high pressure and high temperatures
(usually jewellery copper, in some rarer cases silver ).
A thick cover layer is created that can be up to 30 times thicker compared to the layer applied by other procedures.
This thickness is in micromillimeters.
These jewelry does not color the skin, do not cause allergic symptoms and have high wear resistance.

Our jewelry is made of excellent material,
We make them for generations.

Our jewelry is made with glass,jewelry quality, VOC and BPA-free, uv standing resin ...
146 900 Ft
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