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Surround - A circular gold pendant with breast milk or baby hair

Surround yourself with beauty with this stunning round gold pendant!

This modern, minimalist design is a round tray pendant made for you personally with the help of our goldsmith, so it can be ordered in the size that best suits you.

Answer from the very small, 6 mm to 35 mm.

The decoration - which can be made of hair or any DNA material that is important to you - is greatly influenced by the chosen size.

You can even engrave a personal message on the back to make this pendant even more special.

We also offer an exciting unique option, with which you can engrave a footprint, hand or fingerprint on the pendant. To make your job easier, in the case of imprint engraving, we will send you our secure imprint package and the package necessary for sending breast milk and hair.

The pendant comes without a necklace! If you would like a necklace to go with it, please let us know!


Design it with mother's milk jewels, non-mother's milk jewels, hair or umbilical cord, so it becomes a truly unique piece of jewelry.

Whether Whether for yourself or as a thoughtful gift, this round gold pendant promises to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any ensemble.

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