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Silver Charm Arodnap pearl with mother's milk or baby hair with a large hole
Silver Charm Arodnap pearl with mother's milk or baby hair with a large hole
89 500 Ft

Silver Charm Arodnap pearl with mother's milk or baby hair with a large hole

With the Charm Arodnap, you can use your creativity and express your love in an exciting accessory.

The beautiful pearl, handmade from the finest materials, is available in different sizes and shapes, so you can find the perfect piece of jewelry for your needs.

You can create a truly unique and personal piece with the option of engraving.



What you need to know:

1. You can choose from several sizes and shapes.
2. It can also be carved into the core.

3. You can even request an inscription inside the pearl.

4. We offer a selection of special bracelets, so if you want a unique bracelet, contact us.

5. Among our pearls, the ones labeled A, B, C, D, E, G are compatible with the so-called European pearls, the hole size is perfect for 3mm bracelets. Our F heart pearl is compatible with 1-2 mm thick chains.

6. Our precious metal cores have the word EMLÉK engraved at the factory, and we can also engrave a maximum of 12 characters in capital letters.

7. It can be made only with breast milk, decorative elements, hair, umbilical stump, baby teeth can be requested. All of the above can be requested to be included on their own.

8. If you are inspired and would like to think further, contact us at one of our contacts!


If you do not understand something, ask us for help!

If you feel that a question does not apply to you , then leave it blank.

After confirmation, we will definitely discuss your pearl, so if information is missing, we will ask.

Our jewelry is made of excellent materials,
We make them as memory carriers for generations.

Our jewelry is made with glass-effect, jewelry-quality, VOC- and BPA-free, UV-resistant synthetic resin.


89 500 Ft

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