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Impress Glory gold engraved memory pendant
Impress Glory gold engraved memory pendant
449 300 Ft

Impress Glory gold engraved memory pendant

Openwork plate, on which we will engrave the text requested by you.

What you need to know:
1. DNA can be requested with a pearl or a birthstone, but also by itself.
2. The tile has a diameter of 20 mm, so it fits any outfit, it is not particularly ostentatious, but it will catch people's eyes.
3. Engraving of names can be silver or black rhodium-plated.
4. We also make it out of gold ;)
5. If you are inspired, contact us at one of our contacts!

Your treasures are made of excellent materials,
We make them as a keepsake for generations.

We give the pendant a necklace as a gift!< br />
We make our jewelry with a glass-effect, jewelry-quality, VOC- and BPA-free, UV-resistant synthetic resin.y
449 300 Ft
Mambrozia Manufactory
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